To contact the helpdesk, please email, or call 604-822-1423.

Admin Staff
Assistant to the Head (Acting) Claire Buffoni 604-822-6056
Career Advisor - MDS Program Angela Pau 604-822-5588
Career Planning and Placement Coordinator Diane Johnson 604-827-3258
Co-op Program Assistant Angel Sinn 604-822-9328
Co-op Program Assistant Chloe Kim 604-822-8844
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Constance Wun 604-822-9640
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Betty Cho 604-822-0933
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Girish Chandra Ananthanarayana 604-827-3733
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Lindsay Ward 604-827-5350
Communications & Marketing Manager Christine Thompson
Course Coordinator Jessica Bosch 604-822-9812
Course Coordinator Trey Schiefelbein 604-822-0466
Course Coordinator Mahsa Haghjoo 604-827-6143
Director of Finance and Administration
On leave until April 2020
Jessica Wrinskelle 604 822-5237
Director of Finance and Administration (Acting) Chris Bastien
Director, Student Management and Program Operations - Master of Data Science Program Milad Maymay 604 822-4217
Finance Manager Marjan Molouk-Zadeh 604-827-5309
Finance Processing Specialist (Leave Replacement) Brenda Chu 604-827-2242
Financial Processing Specialist
On leave October 7 2019 - April 4 2021
Mihae Lee 604-827-2242
Financial Processing Specialist Annie Hu 604-827-3424
Graduate Program Administrator Joyce Poon 604-822-2500
Graduate Program Assistant Jade Wang 604-822-1202
Group Assistant - Algorithms Holly Kwan 604-822-3060
Group Assistant - NSS/Imager Laura Selander 604-822-9882
Group Assistant to LCI/SCL Ankita Goyal 6048226281
Group Assistant, Lead - DMM/ISD/Senior Instructors Lara Hall 604-822-0557
Human Resources Manager (Faculty & Staff) Sharon Craddock 604-822-8087
Marketing Coordinator - MDS Program Vanessa Ho
MDS Education Specialist Hayley Boyce
Reading Room Assistant Nobu Kawaguchi 604-822-2017
Reading Room Coordinator Bernice Koh 604-822-2017
Science Education Specialist Alice Campbell
Senior Financial Processing Specialist Michelle Lin 604-827-5753
Senior Program Assistant - Masters of Data Science Jean Caballero 604-822-6911
Senior Undergraduate Program Assistant Ana Kopic Drole 604-822-9176
Special Projects Coordinator Michele Ng 604-822-5693
Undergraduate Program Assistant - Receptionist Celine Francis
Undergraduate Programs Manager Giuliana Villegas 604-822-2213
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jean-Sébastien Légaré
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Hasti Seifi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Hyeju Jang
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jessalyn Alvina
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Michael Simpson
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Robert Hocking
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Zhiyuan Wan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Nico Schertler
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Oswald Barral Mery de Bellegarde
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Mostafa Milani
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Calvin Kuo
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Adam Scibior
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Andrew Senchuk
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Emmanouil Giannisakis
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Juergen Bernard
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Adalberto Ribeiro Sampaio
Research Staff
DFP - Marketing Coordinator Jocelyn McKay
DFP - Program Coordinator Zahra Fallah 604 822-8990
PLAI Administrative Assistant Barney Sprague
PLAI Lab Manager Ali Nasseri
Research Associate Sébastien Lallé 604-827-5554
Research Associate Lisa Leung
Scientific Engineer - Digital Humans Yuan Tian
Software Developer - Skin Simulation Ye Fan
Tech Staff
Computing Facilities Manager Michael Sanderson 604-822-6194
Computing Technician Patrick Lai 604-822-4183
Director of Computing and Facilities Moyra Ditchfield 604-822-5809
Education Technology Architect Anthony Winstanley 604-757-4568
Engineering Technologist Dan Miner 604-827-5488
Hardware Facilities Manager Koon Ming Lau 604-822-6686
Software Developer - Educational Innovation Andrew Stec
Support Analyst Edward Chu 604 822-1423
Systems Administration Sean Godel 604-822-4230
Systems Administration Trevor McLeod 604-822-8285
Systems Administration Hazita Harun 604-822-0241
Systems Administration Glen Lee 604-822-8754
Systems Administration Tim Li 604-827-5239
Systems Analyst Giao Huynh 604-822-1204
Technical Group Assistant Vivian Leung 604-822-3264
User Support Manager John Seto 604-827-4293
Web Applications Developer Joann Yue
Web Applications Developer Gabriel Habayeb
Web Applications Developer Jordi Plana
Web Applications Team Lead Joël Pittet 604-822-1440

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