Computer Science Undergraduate Student Cecile Leung Receives DockerCon Diversity Scholarship

UBC Computer Science student Cecile Leung is the recipient of the inaugural 2016 DockerCon Diversity Scholarship.  The goal of the scholarship is to provide support and guidance to attendees who are traditionally under-represented in the tech community. Cecile is one of five recipients of the scholarship.  Here is her experience at the conference, in her own words:

"I recently attended DockerCon in Seattle. This was made possible by their Diversity Scholarship Program which helps members of underrepresented groups participate. The program was open to and had applicants from around the world. There were five recipients in total and I decided I wanted to meet all of them, so I set up times and we still keep in touch.

I went to talks which ranged from basics to deep dive sessions on how to get the most out of several features added to the latest release of Docker. There were enthusiasts who made their own novel projects using their product and maintainers of the product itself. It's great meeting people who are enthusiastic about what they create which includes the capacity they provide for others to do the same with their own work.

In addition to conference attendance, the scholarship organized mentorship with an employee from Docker. This was particularly helpful at this key time as I'm a recent grad looking at career possibilities. Between talks, I met other professionals in ops and cloud computing, worked on projects in their Hands-On Lab with new friends with nearby Docker employee coaches (if needed), and talked to others working in the world of containerized computing. I was also able to connect with members of the community through the conference wristband and app.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and there was so much content I wanted to learn more about that it was hard to pick amongst the tracks. There were several sessions when I wanted to be at 2 or 3 different talks. I learned a lot and I'm motivated to stay involved in the community to continue using and learning more."