UBC Computer Science Undergraduate Students Alice Fredine and Andrew Bates Win Archiact Game Jam

UBC Computer Science undergraduate students Alice Fredine and Andrew Bates are the winners of the Archiact VR Jam.  60 student teams from all over the Lower Mainland put together their mobile VR games over a 3-week period.  Alice and Andrew's game won the grand prize.  Their game begins by playing a song at the start of each level.  Players need to steer their spaceship through space, reconstructing the original song by colliding with musical notes along the way. 

The experience participating in the Archiact Game Jam was a great one for Alice and Andrew.  They had to both learn a brand new game engine, to develop their game in a VR environment, to publish a game on the Google Play store, all under a very tight time constraint. 

Congratulations, Alice and Andrew!