A Conversation with Donald Knuth

Speaker:   Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Location:  Frederic Wood Theatre, 6354 Crescent Road (UBC Point Grey Campus)
Overflow Lecture Hall Location:  Earth Sciences Building, 2207 Main Mall (Room 1013) Map: http://www.maps.ubc.ca/PROD/index_detail.php?show=y,n,n,n,n,y&bldg2Search=n&locat1=225

Host:  Holger Hoos, UBC Computer Science


The UBC Department of Computer Science is delighted to host this special event with Donald E. Knuth, one of the most influential pioneers in computer science. His multivolume work “The Art of Computer Programming” is regarded as one of the seminal and most comprehensive compendiums in the area of computer programming and has been periodically updated ever since the publication of the first volume in 1968. Knuth also exerted significant influence on the publications in the technical and mathematical sciences through the creation of the typesetting system TeX. This system has rendered the layouting process of scientific works considerably easier and has thus become indispensable.

Knuth’s influential contributions to the foundations of theoretical computer science have earned him many prizes, such as the Turing Award, the highest distinction in the field (often labeled as the Nobel Prize of computer science). Apart from his scientific work, Knuth helped shape the nomenclature of computer science, thus contributing significantly to increased clarity and unambiguity in computer science literature.

Instead of a traditional lecture, Knuth invites his audience to an “All questions answered” event, where questions regarding any kind of topic may be posed by the attendees.

THIS EVENT IS NOW AT CAPACITY! There is an overflow room available.

Important Note: Admission to the Frederic Wood Theatre is by printed confirmation of your registration only.  

If you do not have a printed confirmation for this event, please join us in the overflow lecture hall (Earth Sciences Building - 2207 Main Mall, Room 1013which we will live-stream to and from which it will also be possible to ask Don questions. 

GENERAL SEATING:  Please arrive at the theatre by 4:30pm to make sure you get a good seat.


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