Alumni Lecture: Vance Pan - So You've Heard of a Un-Conference, How About a Un-App?


Date/Time: Thurs., Sept 19, 2013, 6 pm (Networking starts at 6 pm, lecture starts at 6:30 pm).

Location: Rm X836, X-Wing, ICICS/CS Bldg., 2366 Main Mall

Speaker: Vance Pan, Co-Founder and CSO of Nodally Technologies Inc.

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We believe that the Internet of Things will be enabled by a massive global network of
small, agile, specific purpose programs that can capture the events and data that the
real world generates. These programs will need to able to share their data with any
other programs in the network. Programmers should be able to focus strictly on building
the single purpose programs without constraints or dependencies of other programs or
functionality (e.g. APIs). As no one program can understand everything, there will need
to be a way of expressing how these different programs interact, like a road map that
charts the course for the data as it moves from program to program. Data should not be
"sucked into” applications and trapped there, they should be free.

This is what we call an Un-App. As typical applications perform a set of computations to
provide the value of the application, an Un-App does the same thing with a road map.
What is different is that with an Un-App, a program can belong to more than one
roadmap. So while you would never think of being able to use live running logic from
one traditional application in another application, with an Un-App it is a natural
capability. With Un-Apps, any program you create can naturally communicate and
integrate with any other program. Now imagine being able to aggregate small road
maps into larger, more sophisticated road maps.

This talk will explore the future of Internet of Things and discuss practical techniques for
managing and spawning independent distributed worker processes and for creating
road maps to use their functionality through messaging by employing Ruby, YAML,
Redis, ZeroMQ, among others. The audience will be expected to take away very useful
ideas and techniques they can employ in any language of choice.


Vance is Co-Founder and CSO of Nodally Technologies Inc. He has 17 years of
experience in the global enterprise software industry, specifically in BI, CRM, SaaS, and
Databases. Before joining Nodally, Vance was most recently the VP of Strategy at
DataCVG, the most influential BI vendor in Greater China today and a recent SAP
Pinnacle Award winner. In 2012, Vance was selected a SAP Mentor, one of less than
150 globally, for his contributions to the SAP developer community. Vance was formerly
the Head of Product Management at SAP Business Objects responsible for the Greater
China region. He holds an Entrepreneurship MBA degree from Imperial College London
in the UK and a Computer Science degree from the University of British Columbia,
where he also serves as a student mentor.