Kanban: Visual Feedback and Incremental Improvement (Speaker: Chris Simmons)


Rm C225, UBC Robson Square

Map: https://robsonsquare.ubc.ca/find-us/

RSVPMichele Ng

Abstract: Most teams (and companies!) are interested in improving how they work, but often the solutions suggested require radical change, a large investment in training, or both. Kanban offers an alternative - an evolutionary change process that gradually and continually improves the performance of a team. A flexible, non-prescriptive method, it is widely applicable across multiple levels of an organization, from the personal level all the way up to project portfolio management. Incorporating many successful techniques from multiple industries, including the Theory of Constraints, Systems Thinking, and Lean Product Development, the Kanban method is rapidly gaining popularity as an easy and effective way of boosting the effectiveness of teams of all sizes and compositions.

About the speaker: Chris has been involved with Agile software development for over 5 years, as a developer, coach, and manager. He is always interested in learning about multidisciplinary techniques that lead to results, especially if they challenge conventional wisdom. Chris is currently a Software Development Manager at Sophos.

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