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UBC CS TR-2006-10 Summary

ArtiSynth: A Biomechanical Simulation Platform for the Vocal Tract and Upper Airway, March 01, 2006 Sidney Fels, Florian Vogt, Kees van den Doel, John E. Lloyd, Ian Stavness and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, 7 pages

We describe ArtiSynth, a 3D biomechanical simulation platform directed toward modeling the vocal tract and upper airway. It provides an open-source environment in which researchers can create and interconnect various kinds of dynamic and parametric models to form a complete integrated biomechanical system which is capable of articulatory speech synthesis. An interactive graphical Timeline runs the simulation and allows the temporal arrangement of input/output channels to control or observe properties of the model's components. Library support is available for particle-spring and rigid body systems, finite element models, and spline-based curves and surfaces. To date, these have been used to create a dynamic muscle-based model of the jaw, a deformable tongue model, a deformable airway, and a linear acoustics model, which have been connected together to form a complete vocal tract that produces speech and is drivable both by data and by dynamics.

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