Technical Reports


Preconditioners for the discretized time-harmonic Maxwell equations in mixed form
Chen Greif and Dominik Schotzau
A Better Logic and Decision Procedure for Predicate Abstraction of Heap-Manipulating Programs
Zvonimir Rakamaric, Jesse Bingham and Alan J. Hu
Finding a Hamiltonian cycle in the dual graph of Right-Triangulations
Viann W. Chan and William S. Evans
Presenter-on-Paper: the Camera Phone as an In-Class Educational Technology Tool
W. Tian Lim and Steven A. Wolfman
"What I Want, Where I Want:" Reference Material Use in Tabletop Work
A. Tang and S. Fels
Finding local RNA motifs using covariance models
Sohrab P. Shah and Anne E. Condon
Local Consistency in Junction Graphs for Constraint-Based Inference
L. Chang and A. K. Mackworth
Shuffler: Modeling with Interchangeable Parts
V. Kraevoy, D. Julius and A. Sheffer
ArtiSynth: A Biomechanical Simulation Platform for the Vocal Tract and Upper Airway
Sidney Fels, Florian Vogt, Kees van den Doel, John E. Lloyd, Ian Stavness and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson
Omnidirectional Humanoid Balance Control:Multiple Strategies for Reacting to a Push
KangKang Yin and Michiel van de Panne
Captured Dynamics Data of 5 Mechanical Knobs
Colin Swindells and Karon E. MacLean
Integrating Gaussian Processes with Word-Sequence Kernels for Bayesian Text Categorization
Maryam Mahdaviani, Sara Forghanizadeh and Giuseppe Carenini
A Preconditioner For Linear Systems Arising From Interior-Point Optimization Methods
Tim Rees and Chen Greif
Gradient Projection for General Quadratic Programs (Replaced by TR-2007-16)
Michael P. Friedlander and Sven Leyffer
Routing Transient Traffic in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kan Cai, Michael J. Feeley and Norman C. Hutchinson
Understanding 802.11 Performance for Two Competing Flows (Replaced by TR-2007-09)
Kan Cai, Michael J. Feeley and Sharath J. George
Computing nonnegative tensor factorizations
Michael P, Friedlander and Kathrin Hatz
Comparing Forward and Backward Reachability as Tools for Safety Analysis
Ian M. Mitchell
Exact regularization of convex programs
Michael P. Friedlander and Paul Tseng
Ken Alton and Ian M. Mitchell
Highly Efficient Flooding in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Majid Khabbazian and Vijay K. Bhargava
Cognitive Principles for Information Management: The Principles of Mnemonic Associative Knowledge
Holger Hoos, Michael Huggett and Ron Rensink