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UBC CS TR-92-17 Summary

Stabilization of DAEs and invariant manifolds, August 1992 Uri M. Ascher, Hongsheng Qin and Sebastian Reich, 28 pages

Many methods have been proposed for the stabilization of higher index differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). Such methods often involve constraint differentiation and problem stabilization, thus obtaining a stabilized index reduction. A popular method is Baumgarte stabilization, but the choice of parameters to make it robust is unclear in practice.

Here we explain why the Baumgarte method may run into trouble. We then show how to improve it. We further develop a unifying theory for stabilization methods which includes many of the various techniques proposed in the literature. Our approach is to (i) consider stabilization of ODEs with invariants, (ii) discretize the stabilizing term in a simple way, generally different from the ODE discretization, and (iii) use orthogonal projections whenever possible.

We discuss the best methods thus obtained and make concrete algorithmic suggestions.

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