Technical Reports


Conditional Logics for Default Reasoning and Belief Revision
Craig Boutilier
Probabilistic Horn abduction and Bayesian networks
David Poole
Shallow Grates
Maria M. Klawe
Two Algorithms for Decision Tree Search
Runping Qi and David Poole
Approximating Polygons and Subdivisions with Minimum-Link Paths
Leonidas J. Guibas, John E. Hershberger, Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Jack Scott Snoeyink
Cepstral Analysis of Optical Flow
Esfandiar Bandari and James J. Little
Speeding Up the Douglas-Peucker Line-Simplification Algorithm
John Hershberger and Jack Snoeyink
Symmetry in Self-Correcting Cellular Automata
Nicholas Pippenger
An Elementary Approach to Some Analytic Asymptotics
Nicholas Pippenger
Constraint Nets: A Semantic Model for Real-Time Embedded Systems
Ying Zhang and Alan K. Mackworth
Robust Model-based Motion Tracking Through the Integration of Search and Estimation
David G. Lowe
A Correct Optimized Algorithm for Incrementally Generating Prime Implicates
Alex Kean and George Tsiknis
An Introduction to Formal Hardware Verification
Carl-Johan Seger
Rearrangeable Circuit-Switching Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
The Raven System
Donald Acton, Terry Coatta and Gerald Neufeld
The Parallel Protocol Framework
Murray W. Goldberg, Gerald W. Neufeld and Mabo R. Ito
Stabilization of DAEs and invariant manifolds
Uri M. Ascher, Hongsheng Qin and Sebastian Reich
Collocation Software for Boundary Value Differential - Algebraic Equations
Uri M. Ascher and Raymond J. Spiteri
The Numerical Solution of Delay-Differential-Algebraic Equations of Retarded and Neutral Type
Uri M. Ascher and Linda R. Petzold
Probabilistic Horn abduction and Bayesian networks
David Poole
3D Motion and Structure from Planar Passive Navigation
Enrico De Micheli & Alessandro Verri
Sequences of Revisions: On the Semantics of Nested Conditionals
Craig Boutilier
Search for computing posterior probabilities in Bayesian networks
David Poole
The Rapid Recovery of three-Dimensional Orientation from Line Drawings
R. A. Rensink
The Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Revisited
Alan K. Mackworth and Eugene C. Freuder
Starshaped Sets, The Radial Function and 3-D Attitude Determination
Ying Li and Robert J. Woodham
The Psychology of Visualization
Andrew Csinger
A Proposed Framework for Characterization of Robotic Systems
Jane Mulligan
Parallel and Distributed Finite Constraint Satisfaction: Complexity, Algorithms and Experiments
Ying Zhang and Alan K. Mackworth
Will the Robot Do the Right Thing?
Ying Zhang and Alan K. Mackworth
The Support Function, Curvature Functions and 3-D Attitude Determination
Ying Li and Robert J. Woodham
Bringing Mathematical Research to Life in the Schools
Maria M. Klawe
A Mathematically Precise Two-Level Formal Hardware Verification Methodology*
Carl-Johan H. Seger and Jeffrey J. Joyce
Solving the Classic Radiosity Equation Using Multigrid Techniques
Robert R. Lewis
Multi-Resolution Surface Approximation for Animation
David Forsey and Lifeng Wang
A Ray Tracing Accelerator Based on a Hierarchy of 1D Sorted Lists
Alain Fournier and Pierre Poulin
Common Illumination between Real and Computer Generated Scenes
Alain Fournier, Atjeng S. Gunawan and Chris Romanzin
Harnessing Preattentive Processes for Multivariate Data Visualization
Christopher G. Healey, Kellogg S. Booth and James T. Enns
Investigating the Effectiveness of Direct Manipulation of 3D B-Spline Curves Using the Shape-Matching Paradigm
Stanley B. Jang, Kellogg S. Booth, David R. Forsey and Peter Graf
Filtering Normal Maps and Creating Multiple Surfaces
Alain Fournier
Spline Overlay Surfaces
Richard H. Bartels and David R. Forsey