Partner with us

The Partnership@CS program is an unique opportunity for the UBC Computer Science Department to foster meaningful collaboration with industry partners, alumni, and community members. The program provides opportunities for interacting with our 2

Program Activities

Kickoff event, with speed mentoring activity. Kickoff events have approximately 120 students and mentors in total attending. The event begins with mentors and mentees meeting, enjoying some light refreshments, and doing some informal networking

Matching Process

All tri-mentoring participants are assigned to a mentoring trio, consisting of industry mentor, senior student (usually 3 rd or 4 th year) and junior student (usually 2 nd year). We consider multiple factors when matching up trios, including: CS

What to expect

Program's Key Features and Responsibilities In tri-mentoring, with a mentor’s help you work towards specific careers-related goals, meet new friends, gain different career perspectives, and become part of the larger Vancouver tech community. Here’s