Technical Reports


Demonstrating Numerical Convergence to the Analytic Solution of some Backwards Reachable Sets with Sharp Features
Ian M. Mitchell
Decision Theoretic Learning of Human Facial Displays and Gestures
Jesse Hoey and James J. Little
Logarithmic Complexity for a class of XML Queries
Jeremy Barbay
Constraint-Based Approach to Hybrid Dynamical Systems with Uncertainty
Robert St-Aubin and Alan K. Mackworth
Topology Sensitive Replica Selection
Dmitry Brodsky, Michael J. Feeley and Norman C. Hutchinson
A New Approach to Upward-Closed Set Backward Reachability Analysis
Jesse Bingham
A Toolbox of Level Set Methods (version 1.0) (Replaced by TR-2007-11)
Ian M Mitchell
Rendering Color Information Using Haptic Feedback
S. Chakrabarti, S. Pramanik, D. Du and R. Paul
Index-Trees for Descendant Tree Queries in the Comparison Model
Jeremy Barbay
An Analysis of the Hotspot Diffusion Paradox
Jeremy Barbay
SQPATH-A Combined SQL-XPATH Query System for RNAML Data
Chita C, Patel R and Yang J
Haptic Support for Urgency-Based Turn-Taking
Andrew Chan, Joanna McGrenere and Karon MacLean
Learning and Identifying Haptic Icons under Workload
Andrew Chan, Karon MacLean and Joanna McGrenere
GLStereo: Stereo Vision Implemented in Graphics Hardware
Dustin Lang and James J. Little