Technical Reports


Diamonds are not a Minimum Weight Triangulation's Best Friend
Prosenjit Bose, Luc Devroye and William Evans
Compositional Model Checking of Partially Ordered State Spaces
Scott Hazelhurst
The Sounds of Physical Shapes
Kees van den Doel and Dinesh K. Pai
Heterogeneous Process Migration: The Tui System
Peter Smith and Norman C. Hutchinson
Simplifying Terrain Models and Measuring Terrain Model Accuracy
David Scott Andrews
Importance Ordering for Real-Time Depth of Field
Paul Fearing
Wavelet Radiative Transfer and Surface Interaction
Robert R. Lewis
A Perceptual Colour Segmentation Algorithm
Christopher G. Healey and James T. Enns
Choosing Effective Colours for Data Visualization
Christopher G. Healey
Experimental Design: Input Device Protocols and Collaborative Learning
Joanna McGrenere, Kori Inkpen, Kellogg Booth and Maria Klawe
Design: Educational Multi-Player Games, A Literature Review
Joanna McGrenere
Shared 3D Workspaces
Joanne McGrenere and Kellogg S. Booth
Algorithmic Aspects of Constrained Unit Disk Graphs
Heinz Breu
Civil Law and the Development of Software Engineering
Martina Shapiro
Temporally coherent stereo: improving performance through knowledge of motion
Vladimir Tucakov and David G. Lowe
Lower Bounds for Noisy Boolean Decision Trees
William Evans and Nicholas Pippenger
Drag-and-Drop vs. Point-and-Click Mouse Interaction for Children
Kori Inkpen, Kellogg S. Booth and Maria Klawe