Technical Reports


Recognizing VLSI Circuits from Mask Artwork
Amir Alon and William S. Havens
Recovering Shape & Determining Attitude from Extended Gaussian Images
James Joseph Little
A Fast Divide & Conquer Protocol for Contention Resolution on Broadcast Channels
Karl Abrahamson
LNTP --- An Efficient Transport Protocol for Local Area Networks
Samuel T. Chanson, K. Ravindran and Stella Atkins
On Process Aliases in Distributed Kernel Design
K. Ravindran and Samuel T. Chanson
Performance Evaluation of the ARPANET Transmission Control Protocol in a Local Area Network Environment
Samuel T. Chanson, K. Ravindran and Stella Atkins
State Inconsistency Issues in Local Area Network-Based Distributed Kernels
Samuel T. Chanson and K. Ravindran
Hierarchical Arc Consistency: Exploiting Structured Domains in Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Alan K. Mackworth, Jan A. Mulder and William S. Havens
Computation of Full Logic Programs Using One-Variable Environments
Paul J. Voda
A Portable Image Processing System for Computer Vision
William S. Havens
Specification & Initialization of a Logic Computer System
Anthony J. Kusalik
A New Basis Implementation for a Mixed Order Boundary Value ODE Solver
Uri Ascher and G. Bader
A Functional Programming Language with Context Free Grammars as Data Types
Violet R. Syrotiuk
Coaxial Stereo & Scale-Based Matching
Itzhak Katz
Using Discrimination Graphs to Represent Visual Knowledge
Jan A. Mulder
Constraint Satisfaction
Alan K. Mackworth
Remote Interprocess Communication & Its Performance in Team Shoshin
Don Acton
Typed Recursion Theorems
Akira Kanda