Specification & Initialization of a Logic Computer System

Anthony J. Kusalik
Publishing date
July 1985
A logic computer system consists of an inference machine and a compatable logic operating system. This paper describes prospective models for a logic computer system, and its hardware and software components. The language Concurrent Prolog serves as the single implementation specification, and machine language. The computer system is represented as a logic programming goal logic_computer_system. Specification of the system corresponds to resolution of this goal. Clauses used to solve the goal --- and ensuing subgoals --- progressively refine the machine, operating system, and computer system designs. In addition, the accumulation of all clauses describing the logic operating system constitute its implementation. Logic computer systems with vastly different fundamental characteristics can be concisely specified in this manner. Two contrasting examples are given and discussed. An important characteristic of both peripheral devices and the overall computer system, whether they are restartable or perpetual, is examined. As well, a method for operational initialization of the logic computer system is presented. The same clauses which incrementally specify characteristics of the computer system also describe the manner in which this initialization takes place.