Technical Reports


The CHEF Editor
M. A. Maclean and J. E .L. Peck
SGMC (Simulation of a General-purpose Micro-programmable Computer) User Manual
Elis Lieuson, Kevin Douglas, Bary Pollack, Samuel Chanson, Mabo Ito, John Peck and Cindy Chan
Stiff Stability Considerations for Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods
James M. Varah
Reformulation of Boundary Value Problems in ``Standard'' Form
Uri Ascher and Robert D. Russell
Automating Physical Reorganizational Requirements at the Access Path Level of a Relational Database System
Grant Edwin Weddell
On the Covering Relaxation Approach for the 0-1 Positive Polynomial Programming Problem
Willem Vaessen
Optimal Load Control in Combined Batch-Interactive Computer Systems
Samuel T. Chanson and Prem Swarup Sinha
On the Integrity of Typed First Order Data Bases
Raymond Reiter
Some Representational Issues in Default Reasoning
Raymond Reiter and Giovanni Criscuolo
A Spline Least Squares Method for Numerical Parameter Estimation in Differential Equations
James M. Varah
Why Is a Goto Like a Dynamic Vector in the BCPL-Slim Computing System?
Harvey Abramson
Automatic Rectification of Landsat Images Using Features Derived from Digital Terrain Models
James Joseph Little