e-Portfolio Competition

The Computer Science department is presenting our 4th annual e-Portfolio competition for CS undergraduate students.

Why Enter?

More and more employers now ask job applicants to include samples of their work (or a link to a website where these are hosted) in their application.

By developing an e-portfolio (online samples of your work) for the contest, you’ll be ready to creatively showcase your best technical skills.

Overall Contest Guidelines:

Assume that an employer would be reviewing  the e-portfolio you submit.  You will want to highlight the best examples of your work.

The e-portfolio needs to be as well organized, concise and creative as possible. The judges will be evaluating your e-portfolio based on originality, creativity, depth of thinking and your technical understanding of an area of study.  There will be additional bonus points if your project/portfolio has a community service component to it. 

Possible things to include:

  • Independent projects you’ve developed e.g. computer-generated artistic work; mobile apps; business plan; computer games.
  • Research projects, highlighting your particular contribution.
  • School projects, either individual or team. If you include a team project, be explicit about your particular role in its success.


Prizes for winners include a $500 cash prize donated by MyPlanetDigital, an Android phone donated by Google, and other additional company-sponsored prizes.


The deadline for submitting your completed portfolio to the competition is Feb. 23, 2015 at 12 noon. Winners will be announced in late March 2015.

Note: This contest is open to UBC Computer Science majors only.