Helpful Career Resources

Some good websites for career resources and information:

UBC careers-related resources

UBC Career Services

UBC Science Co-op

ICICS/CS Reading Room Resources (in ICCS Room 262):

Career and job search online resources

Computing Careers & Discipline: A guide for prospective CS students in Canada, published by CERIC

The Riley Guide: Gives extensive listings of online sites and services useful for job searching

Quintessential Careers: Comprehensive career development site.

TalentEgg: Canadian web site for upcoming and new graduates- has job postings and career advice

New Grad Life: Blog with job hunting and career advice for upcoming and new graduates

Interview resources

Microsoft Interview: Great overview of process and types of technical interview questions.

William Poundstone, How would you move Mount Fuji? Microsoft's cult of the puzzle: How the world's smartest companies select the most creative thinkers.

CareerCup: Interview candidates' reports from Microsoft, Amazon, etc. Puzzles

MSDN Blogs

LeetCode: Preparing for technical coding interviews.

HackerRank: Practice algorithms and find jobs.

Glassdoor: Find what coding questions your next interview asks, among other things. 

ePortfolio ideas or Favourable mention on coding sites

TED talk: Mashups

TED talk: Pictures say so much more than words

Visualizations can easily be done in the browser using Google code.

YouTube video  YouTube video: Videos have a spiralling effect. Why not present your topic using a 3-minute video (but spend 100×3 minutes for its production!).

Ghost in the Pixel: Tips for Portfolios

Quora: What do clients/employers/recruiters look for in a UX portfolio?

The Geek Weekly: Tips on how to put together a digital portfolio

Bright Hub: What to look for in a job candidate's electronic profile - advice for recruiters 

Career Contacts

Career Planning and Placement Coordinator, UBC Computer Science

Diane Johnson
Room 253, ICICS/CS Building
Phone: 604-827-3258