PhD Track within the MSc Program

The PhD Track has been created by the department to attract top graduate students who have or will shortly have an MSc from outside of North America and are interested in pursuing a PhD at UBC. In the past, such students would typically be admitted to the MSc program. In exceptional cases, students with a BSc from anywhere may also be considered for the PhD Track. The PhD Track provides a mechanism by which qualified students can transition into the PhD quickly and smoothly, subject to attaining certain standards of performance.

Admission to the PhD Track

Admission to the PhD Track is extremely competitive. From the many applications we receive every year, our Grad Recruiting and Admissions Committee will select a very small number of students for entry based on academic excellence, research achievement, perceived potential for the PhD program, and fit with the interests of a potential supervisor. There are risks involved with this kind of fast tracking for both the student and the department and so the Research Proficiency Evaluation (RPE) has been put into place to mitigate those risks.

Program Requirements