DLS Schedule for Jason Dykes, City University (London)

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City University (London)
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Jason arrives at Vancouver (YVR) airport and takes cab to hotel                         


5:30pmDinner with Host                                              

Restaurant:  Acorn

3995 Main St.

no reservations possible

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 (morning/afternoon unscheduled)

6:40pmMatt Brehmer and Jason meet in his hotel lobby                                
Dinner - Jason, Matt Brehmer and Ana Crisan                   

Restaurant: Yew

791 West Georgia

in Four Seasons Hotel,

reserved under Matt's name

Thursday, May 5, 2016

8:30am                            Jason takes cab to UBC (Address for taxi: 6245 Agronomy Rd. between East Mall & Main Mall)Location
9:00amHolly Kwan (Tel:  604.822.3060)X553
9:15amEquipment checkDMP 110
10:00amIvan Bestchastnikh327
10:30amRon RensinkX863
11:30amJim Little    117
12:00pmDylan Dong (Grad student)204

Lunch with Grads - Jason, Dylan Dong, Kim Dextras-Romagnino, Georges Hattab, 

Paul Bucci, Oliver Schneider and Ben Clark

X530 (ordering in Indian cuisine)
2:00pmNarges Mahyar (Postdoc)204
3:00pmNarges directs Jason to DMP 110 following their meeting
3:15pmPrep for TalkDMP 110
3:30pmTALKDMP 110
4:30pmQ&ADMP 110
5:00pmLeave for dinner
6:30pmDinner - Jason, Tamara Munzner and Ron Rensink

Restaurant: Heirloom

1509 West 12th

reserved under Tamara's name

Friday, May 6, 2016

8:30amJason takes cab to UBC (Address for taxi: 6245 Agronomy Rd. between East Mall & Main Mall)
8:55amHolly KwanX553
9:00amGiuseppe Carenini105
9:30amKelly BoothX861
10:30amWill EvansX841
11:00amHasti Seifi (Grad student)X508
11:30amSkype Meeting X553
12:40pmLeave for Lunch from Tamara's officeX661

Faculty Lunch - Jason, Tamara and Reid Holmes (Tamara driving)


Dharma Kitchen

3667 West Broadway

(at Alma)
no reservations needed            

2:00pmCristina Conati107
2:30pmGeorges Hattab (visiting student) - picks up Jason from Cristina's office at 2:30
X660 (Seat 8) or 204
3:30pmMichiel van de PanneX865
4:00pmTamara MunznerX661
5:00pmLeave for dinner
6:30pmDinner - Jason, Tamara Munzner and Lyn Bartram (SFU Vis Prof)                                               

Restaurant: Minami

1118 Mainland Street (604.685.8080)

reserved under Tamara's name

Saturday, May 7, 2016 (unscheduled)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

6:30pm                Jason departs from YVR airport