DLS Schedule for Emmanuel Schanzer

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Time        Location    
Late PMEmmanuel arrives at YVR airport and takes cab to hotel     

Thursday, October 17, 2019

08:30     Emmanuel takes cab to UBC
(Address for taxi:  6245 Agronomy Rd)
09:15Holly KwanX553 - 2366 Main Mall
09:30Gregor Kiczales                                                                                          ICCS 311
10:00    William BowmanICCS 389
10:30Ron GarciaICCS 387
11:00Meghan Allen
ICCS 243
11:30Rachel Pottinger ICCS 345
12:00Lunchwith Mike GelbartICCS 225
1:30Chen Greif (Head)
2:00Ed KnorrICCS 229
2:30Alice CampbellICCS 215
3:10Walk to Fred Kaiser Building with Alice
3:15Prep for TalkKAIS 2020/2030
3:30TALK - Intro by Host (Gregor Kiczales)                                                                
KAIS 2020/2030
4:50End of talk
5.30Leave for dinner
6:30Dinner with faculty - Emmanuel, Gregor, Ron Garcia, William Bowman and Meghan Allen
Autostrada Osteria (350 W Pender St; Tel:  604.428.9694)