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Donald Acton Senior Instructor
on sabbatical until Dec 31, 2018
Bill Aiello Professor
on sabbatical until June 30, 2018
Meghan Allen Instructor 604-822-4912
Uri Ascher Professor 604-822-4907
Elisa Baniassad Instructor 604-822-6366
Patrice Belleville Senior Instructor 604-822-9870
Celina Berg Instructor
Ivan Beschastnikh Assistant Professor 604-822-5628
Giuseppe Carenini Associate Professor
on sabbatical until Dec 31, 2018
Paul Carter Professor of Teaching 604-822-4034
Ian Cavers Associate Dean of Science & Senior Instructor 604-822-4214
Cristina Conati Professor
on sabbatical until Dec 31, 2018
Anne Condon Professor 604-822-8175
William Evans Associate Professor & Associate Head of Graduate Affairs 604-822-0827
Mike Feeley Associate Professor 604-822-8179
Michael Friedlander IBM Professor & Associate Head of Faculty Affairs 604-822-5307
Joel Friedman Professor / Professor, Mathematics 604-822-0674
Hu Fu Assistant Professor 604-827-4222
Ronald Garcia Associate Professor
on sabbatical until June 30, 2018
Michael Gelbart Instructor 604-827-3018
Mark Greenstreet Professor 604-822-3065
Chen Greif Professor and Department Head 604-827-5185
Arvind Gupta Professor
(on leave until 31st March 2018)
Nick Harvey Associate Professor
on sabbatical until June 30, 2018
Cinda Heeren Senior Instructor 604-822-9880
Wolfgang Heidrich Professor & Dolby Research Chair
on leave until August 31, 2018
Reid Holmes Associate Professor 604-822-0409
Alan Hu Professor 604-822-6667
Norm Hutchinson Associate Professor 604-822-8188
Gregor Kiczales Professor 604-822-4806
Ed Knorr Senior Instructor 604-822-4336
Laks V.S. Lakshmanan Professor 604-822-3153
Kevin Leyton-Brown Professor
on sabbatical until June 30, 2018
Jim Little Professor
on sabbatical until June 30, 2018
Alan Mackworth Professor 604-822-4893
Karon MacLean Professor 604-822-8169
Joanna McGrenere Professor 604-827-5201
Ian Mitchell Professor & Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs 604-822-2317
Tamara Munzner Professor 604-827-5200
Gail Murphy Associate VP Research pro tem & Professor 604-822-5169
Raymond Ng Professor 604-822-2394
Oluwakemi Ola Instructor 604-822-0694
Dinesh Pai Professor 604-822-8197
David Poole Professor 604 822-6254
Rachel Pottinger Associate Professor 604-822-0436
Siamak Ravanbakhsh Assistant Professor TBD
Ronald Rensink Associate Professor / Associate Professor, Psychology 604-822-0598
Mark Schmidt Assistant Professor 604-822-6421
Alla Sheffer Professor 604-822-4030
Bruce Shepherd Professor 604-822-4777
Leonid Sigal Associate Professor
George Tsiknis Professor of Teaching 604-822-2930
Michiel van de Panne Professor 604-822-8737
Alan Wagner Associate Professor 604-822-6450
Steve Wolfman Professor of Teaching 604-822-0407
Frank Wood
Dongwook Yoon Assistant Professor 604-822-1993
Associate Member
Inanc Birol Associate Member - Medical Genetics 604-707-5900
Alexandre Bouchard-Coté Associate Member - Statistics
Alexandra Fedorova Associate Member - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Philipp Lange Associate Member - Pathology & Lab Medicine
Ali Mesbah Associate Member - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sara Mostafavi Associate Member - Medical Genetics/Statistics 604-822-9179
Karthik Pattabiraman Associate Member - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Julia Rubin Associate Member - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor & Affiliates
Dhavide Aruliah Adjunct Professor TBD
Robert Bridson Adjunct Professor 604-822-1993
Thomas Fritz Affiliate Professor
Charlotte Froese Fischer Affiliate Professor
Mohammad Mahdi Karimi Adjunct Professor
Kevin Murphy Adjunct Professor
Gabriel Murray Affiliate Professor
Andrew Warfield Adjunct Professor 604-822-6642
Jonatan Schroeder Lecturer 604-822-2563
Sessional Lecturer
Jerry Jim Sessional Lecturer
Jessica Wong Sessional Lecturer / Computational Thinking Course Developer
Professor Emeriti
Kellogg Booth Professor Emeritus
David Kirkpatrick Professor Emeritus 604-822-4777
David Lowe Professor Emeritus 604-822-3170
Richard Rosenberg Professor Emeritus 604-827-3133
Jim Varah Professor Emeritus 604-827-3133
Son Vuong Associate Professor Emeritus
Bob Woodham Professor Emeritus 604-827-3133
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Leila Aflatoony Postdoc Research Fellow
Jessica Bosch Postdoctoral Research Fellow
until July 31, 2018
Hyeju Jang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sébastien Lallé Postdoctoral Research Fellow 604-827-5554
Jean-Sébastien Légaré Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jan Manuch Research Associate
Research Staff
Ye Fan Software Developer - Skin Simulation
until June 30, 2018
Kerry Neil DFP - Program Coordinator
Kerry Neil
Admin Staff
Career Planning and Placement Coordinator Diane Johnson 604-827-3258
Co-op Program Assistant Ana Furtado 604-822-8844
Co-op Program Assistant Angel Sinn 604-822-9328
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Constance Wun 604-822-9640
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Betty Cho 604-822-0933
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Girish Chandra Ananthanarayana 604-827-3733
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Lindsay Ward 604-827-5350
Course Coordinator Eka Nagatani 604-822-9812
Course Coordinator Trey Schiefelbein 604-822-0466
Director of Finance and Administration Jessica Wrinskelle 604 822-5237
Director, Student Management and Program Operations - Master of Data Science Program Milad Maymay 604 822-4217
Finance Clerk Michelle Lin 604-827-5753
Finance Manager Marjan Molouk-Zadeh 604-827-5309
Graduate Program Administrator Joyce Poon 604-822-2500
Graduate Program Assistant Jade Wang 604-822-1202
Group Assistant - Beta Holly Kwan 604-822-3060
Group Assistant - Imager Laura Selander 604-822-9882
Group Assistant - NSS & SPL Hermie Lam 604-827-5626
Group Assistant to LCI and SCL Kletnathee Imhiran 604-822-6281
Group Assistant, Lead - DMM/ISD/Senior Instructors Lara Hall 604-822-0557
Human Resources Manager (Faculty & Staff) Sharon Craddock 604-822-8087
Program Coordinator. Masters of Data Science Lee Anne Smith 604-822-6911
Reading Room Assistant Melany Lund 604-822-2017
Reading Room Coordinator Bernice Koh 604-822-2017
Secretary to the Head Jean Caballero 604-822-6056
Senior Undergraduate Program Assistant - Acting Sarah Lee 604-822-9176
Special Projects Coordinator Michele Ng 604-822-5693
Undergraduate Programs Manager Giuliana Villegas 604-822-2213
Tech Staff
Computing Facilities Manager Michael Sanderson 604-822-6194
Computing Technician Patrick Lai 604-822-4183
Director of Facilities Moyra Ditchfield 604-822-5809
Education Technology Architect Anthony Winstanley 604-757-4568
Engineering Technologist Dan Miner 604-827-5488
Hardware Facilities Manager Koon Ming Lau 604-822-6686
Systems Administration Sean Godel 604-822-4230
Systems Administration Trevor McLeod 604-822-8285
Systems Administration Hazita Harun 604-822-0241
Systems Administration Glen Lee 604-822-8754
Systems Administration Tim Li 604-827-5239
Systems Analyst Giao Huynh 604-822-1204
Technical Group Assistant Vivian Leung 604-822-3264
User Support Manager John Seto 604-827-4293
User Support Specialist Edward Chu 604 822-1423
Web Application Developer Daniel Machev 604-822-6129
Web Applications Team Lead Joël Pittet 604-822-1440
Web Developer Joann Yue 604-822-6129

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