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Donald Acton Senior Instructor 604-822-1920
Bill Aiello Professor 604-827-3990
Meghan Allen Instructor 1 604-822-4912
Uri Ascher Professor 604-822-4907
Elisa Baniassad Instructor 1
on maternity leave
Patrice Belleville Senior Instructor 604-822-9870
Ivan Beschastnikh Assistant Professor 604-822-5628
Kellogg Booth Professor of Computer Science & Scientific Director of the GRAND NCE 604-822-8193
Giuseppe Carenini Associate Professor 604-822-5109
Paul Carter Professor of Teaching
(on leave until 31st December 2016)
Ian Cavers Associate Dean of Science & Senior Instructor 604-822-4214
Cristina Conati Professor 604-822-4632
Anne Condon Professor 604-822-8175
Kurt Eiselt Senior Instructor 604-822-9880
William Evans Associate Professor 604-822-0827
Mike Feeley Associate Professor 604-822-8179
Michael Friedlander IBM Professor 604-822-5307
Joel Friedman Professor / Professor, Mathematics
(on leave until 30th June 2017)
Ronald Garcia Assistant Professor 604-822-1664
Mark Greenstreet Professor 604-822-3065
Chen Greif Professor
Department Head
Arvind Gupta Professor 604-822-8300
Nick Harvey Associate Professor 604-827-5941
Wolfgang Heidrich Professor & Dolby Research Chair 604-822-4326
Reid Holmes Associate Professor 604-822-0409
Holger H. Hoos Professor 604-822-1964
Alan Hu Professor
(on leave until 30th June 2017)
Norm Hutchinson Associate Professor 604-822-8188
Gregor Kiczales Professor 604-822-4806
David Kirkpatrick Professor 604-822-4777
Ed Knorr Senior Instructor 604-822-4336
Laks V.S. Lakshmanan Professor
(on leave until 31st December 2016)
Kevin Leyton-Brown Professor 604-827-3989
Jim Little Professor 604-822-4830
David Lowe Professor
(on leave until 30th June 2016)
Alan Mackworth Professor 604-822-4893
Karon MacLean Professor 604-822-8169
Joanna McGrenere Professor
(on leave until 31st August 2016)
Ian Mitchell Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs & Associate Professor 604-822-2317
Tamara Munzner Associate Head of Research and Faculty Affairs & Professor 604-827-5200
Gail Murphy Associate VP Research & Int'l pro tem & Professor 604-822-5169
Raymond Ng Professor 604-822-2394
Dinesh Pai Professor
(on leave until 31st December 2016)
David Poole Professor
Rachel Pottinger Associate Professor 604-822-0436
Ronald Rensink Associate Professor / Associate Professor, Psychology
(on leave until 30th June 2017)
Mark Schmidt Assistant Professor 604-822-6421
Alla Sheffer Professor
(on sabbatical until 31st August 2016)
George Tsiknis Professor of Teaching 604-822-2930
Michiel van de Panne Professor 604-822-8737
Alan Wagner Associate Head of Graduate Affairs & Associate Professor 604-822-6450
Andrew Warfield Associate Professor
(on leave until 31st December 2016)
Steve Wolfman Professor of Teaching 604-822-0407
Associate Member
Inanc Birol Associate Member - Medical Genetics 604-707-5900
Alexandre Bouchard-Coté Associate Member - Statistics
Sara Mostafavi Associate Member - Medical Genetics/Statistics 604-822-9179
Sohrab Shah Associate Member - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 604-827-3994
Adjunct Professor & Affiliates
Robert Bridson Adjunct Professor
until June 30, 2018
Nando de Freitas Adjunct Professor
until August 31, 2017
Brian Fisher Affiliate
until June 30, 2018
Eugene Fiume Adjunct Professor
until October 15, 2017
Irmtraud M. Meyer Adjunct Professor
until April 30, 2018
Kevin Murphy Adjunct Professor
until June 30, 2018
Jessica Dawson Lecturer 604-822-0694
Michael Gelbart Lecturer
Jan Manuch Science Researcher 604-823-7449
Sessional Lecturer
Ahmed Awad Sessional Lecturer
Mehrdad Oveisi Sessional Lecturer
Geoffrey Tien Sessional Lecturer
Fred Tung Sessional Lecturer
Ryan Vogt Sessional Lecturer
Professor Emeriti
Richard Rosenberg Professor Emeritus 604-822-4142
Jim Varah Professor Emeritus 604-822-2979
Son Vuong Professor Emeritus
Bob Woodham Professor Emeritus 604-822-4368
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ricardo Caceffo Postdoctoral Research Fellow
until September 30, 2016
Xi (Alice) Gao Postdoctoral Research Fellow
until September 7, 2016
Lars Kotthoff Postdoctoral Research Fellow
until April 14, 2017
Narges Mahyar Postdoctoral Research Fellow
until August 31, 2016
Joshua Dunfield Research Associate
until May 26, 2017
John E. Lloyd Research Associate 604-822-4946
Kees van den Doel Research Associate
on leave until March 31, 2016
Admin Staff
Career Planning and Placement Coordinator Diane Johnson 604-827-3258
Co-op, Program & Marketing Assistant Victoria Poon 604-822-8844
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Constance Wun 604-822-9640
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Betty Cho 604-822-0933
Co-op, Undergraduate Coordinator Girish Chandra Ananthanarayana 604-827-3733
CS Course Coordinator Samantha Leung
Director of Finance and Administration Jessica Wrinskelle 604 822-5237
Finance Clerk Michelle Lin 604-827-5753
Graduate Program Administrator Joyce Poon 604-822-2500
Group Assistant - Beta Holly Kwan 604-822-3060
Group Assistant - Imager Laura Selander 604-822-9882
Group Assistant - NSS, NIC & SPL Hermie Lam 604-827-5626
Group Assistant to LCI and SCL Kletnathee Imhiran 604-822-6281
Group Assistant, Lead - DMM/ISD/Senior Instructors Lara Hall 604-822-0557
Human Resources Manager Sharon Craddock 604-822-8087
Reading Room Assistant Melany Lund 604-822-2017
Reading Room Coordinator Bernice Koh 604-822-2017
Secretary to the Head Jean Caballero 604-822-6056
Special Projects Coordinator Michele Ng 604-822-5693
Undergraduate Assistant Carrie Schroeder 604-822-9176
Undergraduate Program Assistant / Receptionist Sarah Lee 604-822-9176
Undergraduate Student Services Co-ordinator Giuliana Villegas 604-822-2213
Tech Staff
Computing Facilities Manager Michael Sanderson 604-822-6194
Director of Facilities Moyra Ditchfield 604-822-5809
Education Technology Architect Anthony Winstanley 604-757-4568
Engineering Technologist Dan Miner 604-827-5488
Engineering Technologist Tsang-Kay Mak 604-822-4183
Hardware Facilities Manager Koon Ming Lau 604-822-6686
Systems Administration Dave Brent 604-822-4392
Systems Administration Sean Godel 604-822-4230
Systems Administration Hazita Harun 604-822-0241
Systems Administration Glen Lee 604-822-8754
Systems Administration Tim Li 604-827-5239
Systems Administrator Carlin Phillips 604-822-6129
Systems Analyst Giao Huynh 604-822-1204
Technical Group Assistant
on maternity leave
Vivian Leung 604-822-3264
Technical Group Assistant Eka Nagatani 604-822-3264
User Support Manager John Seto 604-827-4293
User Support Specialist Edward Chu 604 822-1423
Web Applications Team Lead Joël Pittet 604-822-1440

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