First Aid & Floor Wardens

Emergency Director: Vivian Leung1372-3264
Assistant Emergency Director: Ming Lau151B2-6686
Alternate Emergency Director: Gable Yeung2897-4215

In the event of a medical emergency, first call 9-1-1 and then call Campus Security for First Aid.

For students and visitors, please dial 604-822-2222

For faculty, staff, and student-staff, please dial 604-822-4444

UBC Campus Security first aid attendants will be dispatched to your campus location.

All accidents/incidents must be immediately reported to the responsible supervisor and the Emergency Director

Please also remember to report the incident on-line through the UBC Central Accident Incident Reporting System (CAIRS).

Floor Wardens

0Dan Miner151A604-827-5488
0Glen Lee133604-822-8754
0Gable Yeung (with walkie talkie)289604-827-4215
1Ed Chu103604-822-1423
1Joel Pittet121604-822-1440
1Vivian Leung (with walkie talkie)137604-822-3264
1Ming Lau (with walkie talkie)151B604-822-6686
2Joyce Poon201B604-822-2500
2Jessica Wrinskelle (with walkie talkie)201E604-822-5237
2Laura Selander201604-822-9882
2Craig Wilson277604-822-1742
3Fatima Damji285604-827-5272
3Lara Hall351604-822-0557
X0Tim Li (with walkie talkie)143604-827-5239
X1Patrick Lai151C604-822-4183
X1Sean Godel131604-822-4230
X5Holly Kwan (with walkie talkie)X553604-822-3060
X7Philipp KreyenmeierX715N/A
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