Chen Greif headshot with SIAM logo

Chen Greif named 2022 SIAM Fellow

Congratulations to CS Professor Chen Greif, who is named 2022 SIAM Fellow.  The award recognizes outstanding members of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for their distinguished contribution to their discipline.  Professor Greif is one of 26 international scholars who were elected as SIAM Fellows in 2022.  

Dr. Greif is an outstanding researcher in scientific computing, especially in the area of numerical linear algebra and its applications.  He has made significant impact in fields as diverse as preconditioning methods, treatment of large saddle-point systems, optimization, computer graphics, PageRank, as well as a variety of applications of partial differential equations in complex areas such as magnetohydrodynamics.  He also served as an associate editor in SIAM SISC for nine years, and was elevated in January 2020 to the role of Section Editor on Methods in Computational Science and Engineering.  
Congratulations on your achievement, Chen!