Chen Greif


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On Sabbatical - Sep.1 2021 - Sep.2022

Academic Information

B.Sc., Applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv (1991); M.Sc., Applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv (1994); Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, UBC (1998); Postdoctoral Fellow, SCCM Program, Stanford University (1998-2000); Senior Software Engineer, Parametric Technology Corp. (2000-2002); Assistant Professor, UBC (2002-2007); Associate Professor, UBC (2007-2012); Professor (2012-...).


My research interests fall in the broad category of scientific computing. I am primarily interested in numerical linear algebra, and in particular, in investigating and implementing iterative techniques for efficiently solving large sparse linear systems that arise in various areas of applications, ranging from partial differential equations to constrained optimization problems.

Research Interests

scientific computing

Research Groups

SCL: Scientific Computing Laboratory
CAIDA: Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making & Action

Latest Courses

2017 Winter

CPSC 542G - Topics in Numerical Computation

2014 Winter

CPSC 303 - Numerical Approximation and Discretization