UBC Programming Team advances to World Finals

The UBC programming teams competed in the regional ACM programming competition on November 11, 2017, at UBC.  The results of this competition determine which teams from our region are invited to compete in the worlds finals, held this year on April 19 in Beijing.  Our region includes Northern California, Oregon, Washington, BC, and Hawaii.

The competition is split into two divisions:  Division 1 teams are given more algorithmically challenging programming problems to solve than Division 2 teams.  Only teams from Division 1 are eligible to advance to the finals.

In Division 1, the UBC* team ranked 3rd overall, behind teams from Berkeley and Stanford. UBC is one of two Canadian universities (along with University of Waterloo) among 20 North American universities advancing to the world finals.

In Division 2, the UBC\ team ranked 1st overall and the UBC% team ranked 3rd overall.

Here are the members of all UBC teams:

Division 1 (67 teams competing):
    3rd -- UBC* - Lucca Siaudzionis, Gregory Zhang, David Zheng

    8th -- UBC~ - Zara Lim, Rehim Memmedli, Eugene Shen

   11th -- UBC^ - Yuchong Pan, Henry Xia, Brandon Zhang

   13th -- UBC! - David Berard, Raunak Kumar, Carlos Wen

   26th -- UBC& - Toni Annala, Vincent Hui, Radu Nesiu

Division 2 (85 teams competing):
    1st -- UBC\ - Vaastav Anand, Jack Spalding-Jamieson, Zhuo Jian Zheng

    3rd -- UBC% - Spencer Ang, Yuan Bian, Brendon Tankwa

    15th -- UBC? - Arian Naderi-Azad, Eric Semeniuc, James Zang

More information: http://acmicpc-pacnw.org/ and https://icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/teams

Congratulations to all the UBC teams and to their coaches Daniel Du and Paul Liu!

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