UBC Programming Team Advances to ACM World Finals

The UBC programming teams competed in the regional ACM programming competition on November 14, 2015, and one of the teams, UBC +, is the Canadian Site Winner and will be advancing to the ACM World Finals.  Our region includes Northern California, Oregon, Washington, BC, and Hawaii, and the UBC teams faced tough competition from top schools including Stanford, Berkeley, and University of Washington. 

The competition is split into two divisions based on experience.  Division 1 teams are given more algorithmically challenging programming problems to solve than Division 2 teams.  Only teams from Division 1 are eligible to advance to the World Finals.

In Division 1, the UBC+ team ranked 5th overall, behind teams from Berkeley and Stanford, and is the Canada Site Winner. The team is one of two Canadian teams, the other team being from University of Waterloo, advancing to the World Finals.  All UBC teams in Division 1 were in the top 20 of over 70 teams. 

In Division 2, the UBC* team got a Silver medal (2nd overall), and the UBC^ team got a Bronze medal (3rd overall). All UBC teams in Division 2 were in the top 10 of over 50 teams.

Here are the members of the winning teams:

Division 1: 

    UBC+ (Canada Site winner) - Daniel Du (CS1), Henry Chen (MSc2), Brian Chau (CS5)

Division 2:

    UBC* (Silver Medal) - Eugene Shen (E.Eng1), Zara Lim (E.Eng1), Andrew Chen (E.Eng3)

    UBC^ (Bronze Medal) - Derek Chen (EngPhys5), Gregory Zhang (EngPhys3), Weining Hu (CS+Stats4)

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Congratulations to all the UBC teams!  A special congratulation to UBC + members Daniel Du, Henry Chen, Brian Chau, and coaches Nasa Rouf and Paul Liu.  They will be competing in the World Finals which will be held on May 19, 2016, in Phuket, Thailand.