UBC Presence at SIGCSE 2015

This March, UBC Computer Science had a great presence at SIGCSE 2015, ACM’s top computer science education conference. Three of our faculty members were in leadership roles; Kurt Eiselt was the symposium co-chair, Paul Carter was the workshops co-chair, and Steve Wolfman was an associate program chair.

UBC Computer Science members also presented two papers, and co-presented a special session and a birds of a feather session. Our department members’ names are in bold in the list below.


Are Females Disinclined to Tinker in Computer Science?Samantha Krieger; Meghan Allen; Catherine Rawn.

Mechanical TA: Partially Automated High-Stakes Peer Grading. James R. Wright, Chris Thornton; Kevin Leyton-Brown.

Special Session:

The CS Concept Inventory Quiz Show. Nafeesa Dewji; Steven A Wolfman; Geoffrey L Herman; Leo Porter; Cynthia Taylor; Jan Vahrenhold.

Birds of a Feather:

Sharing Best Practices for Alumni Engagement. Meghan Allen; Ben Coleman; Diane Horton; Lynn Lambert; Michele Ng.