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UBC ACM Teams Place 4th and 5th at Regionals

Five UBC teams participated in the  ACM 2013 Pacific Northwest Regional Competition on Saturday, November 2, at UBC.   Two UBC teams finished 4th and 5th behind Berkeley and two Stanford teams. 

Here are the final standings and team members for all UBC teams:

4th -- UBC Wrong Answer : Angus Lim (EngPhys5), Daniel Lu (EngPhys6), Paul Liu (Math/Phys4)

5th -- UBC Diamond : Perry Liu (CS4), Keyulu Xu (Math/CS2), Jason Chiu (CS2)

11th -- UBC Memory Limit Exceeded : Henry Chen (Math4), Henry Chee (Business/CS3), Foster Tom (Math2)

19th -- UBC Compile Error : Kristina Nelson (Math/CS4), Farzad Fallahi (CS2), Brian Chau (CS3)

28th -- UBC Time Limit Exceeded : Carolyn Shen (CS3), Kyle Lin (CS2), Quinlan Jung (CS5)

The final scoreboard is here:

The history of UBC programming teams is here:

Typically, two teams advance from our region to the world finals, and this year the Berkeley and Stanford teams will advance to the finals.  While that is disappointing for the UBC teams, they did an amazing job after putting in an incredible amount of work.  The Department is very proud of their achievement and is grateful to coach David Williams-King for his effort.

Congratulations to all the team members!