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Why Collaborate with UBC Computer Science?

Preparing our students to become productive members of the workforce occurs primarily in the classroom, but we also provide students with the opportunity to engage with the local, national, and international firms in which they will ultimately be employed. Our students are highly motivated to find jobs where they can use their skills in stimulating and rewarding work environments, and we are highly motivated in helping them find those environments. To that end, we have a number of creative venues for connecting you with them.

Additionally, because some of the most far-reaching applications in computer science are derived from an ongoing exchange between academia and industry, we work to establish and maintain collaborative relationships between you and our faculty.

We also have a number of ways in which your support for our department can translate into opportunities for showcasing your firm and industry to a particularly important audience, thus opening doors for your company and promoting your interests in the future.

Annual Tech Career Fair

The department, together with the UBC Co-op Office and the Computer Science Student Society (CSSS), has for the last five years sponsored an annual Tech Career Fair. Due to the fair’s popularity, the student societies for Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cognitive Systems, Engineering Physics, and Management and Information Systems now participate as well, allowing employers a consolidated venue for meeting a range of students with computer science and other technical backgrounds.

Traditionally held in January at the UBC campus, the fair offers you an opportunity to meet our students, survey their potential as future employees, and alert them to job and career opportunities in your company.

Information Sessions and Technical Talks

The department hosts information sessions and technical talks throughout the year. Each information session offers in-depth information on a specific company that has requested the opportunity to meet with UBC students.

Companies could also give technical talks on a wide range of topics. Well-attended by undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff alike, these talks are a great way to introduce your company’s work to department members and to raise your company profile among potential future employees.

Industry Panel

To promote greater interaction between students and industry and to highlight for students the importance of career planning, each year we organize an industry panel in which six prominent members of the IT field speak to our undergraduate and graduate students. Topics covered include “what you can do with your computer science degree,” “how to prepare yourself for leadership positions in the IT field,” and “technical vs. management careers in the IT world.” The panel session is followed by a networking session where students talk in small groups to the various panelists. The panels have grown from 80 participants in 2005 to over 160 participants in 2012. Students are involved in all stages of the planning and implementation process, including suggesting names for panelists, advertising, coordinating volunteers, and gathering post-event feedback and as such, they are strongly invested in the success of each panel event. Participating as an industry panelist and/or sponsoring an industry panel will raise your company’s profile among department students and faculty.


We can all benefit from the wisdom and experience of someone farther along the path. Together with UBC Career Services, we launched the Tri-mentoring Program in 2002 so as to create a pipeline of knowledge and skills within the student community. Growing from a pilot of 45 students, this very popular program today serves more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students.

If you're a computer science department alumni, representative of a firm, or entrepreneur with a background in computer science excited about sharing your knowledge and experience, we invite you to explore becoming a mentor in the Tri-mentoring Program. The program works by matching first- and second-year undergraduate students with third- and fourth-year students, who are in turn matched with industry or faculty mentors. Junior students get advice from senior students regarding course planning, student life, and opportunities for extracurricular activities. Both junior and senior students get a chance to explore career options and hone their networking and communications skills by participating with their mentors in such activities as job shadowing, company visits, career fairs, and industry panels. The program brings together students, faculty, alumni, and industry mentors three times each year for mentoring and networking, with each triad also meeting on its own two times per year. In addition, a kick-off event is organized at the beginning of the academic year to introduce mentors to students, and mentors are acknowledged at an end-of-year wrap-up party.

Additionally, you might want to sponsor one of our tri-mentoring events, which would afford your company greater exposure in the department and among our students.

Industry Point of Contact

Got a question about how to benefit from a connection to UBC Computer Science -- our students, our faculty, our research expertise, our knowledge? Contact us and together, we'll define a path that's mutually beneficial.

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