Global Game Jam


Global Game Jam is the largest game jam in the world, happening in over 60 countries at the end of January. Vancouver is the largest of these sites, with over 300 jammers participating as well as many more mentors and industry reps. On Saturday we have a small industry fair where you can check out cool new products, win awesome prizes (last January we gave away video-game consoles, a signed Canucks jersey, and more!), secure internships, or just learn more about the Vancouver video-game community.  As well, you'll work alongside professionals, hobbyists and other students, and have a chance to show off what you can do. Many folks get job interviews and even jobs out of the jam, others start companies, and most make lifelong friends. The jam attracts many skill sets including programmers, artists (2d, 3d, animators, etc), audio specialists, writers, voice actors. Some people even come from around the world to join the Vancouver site.  *The event is January 24-26th at UBC*. The cost is $25, includes an awesome tshirt (our shirts are requested around the world), dinner Friday and a pizza party on Sunday. We have around-the-clock security and a gorgeous open atrium to work in (Life Sciences Centre, just down the street from CS!). And if ALL THAT doesn't convince you-- it's about the most fun you could have in a weekend!

*Details, questions, registration:* ​This event fills up with a waiting list fast, so sign up as soon as you can! Also, stay tuned for more events, including a Unity development workshop before the jam, and a pre-jam mixer to meet your fellow jammers.