DMP 110

Title: Software Engineering in Film and Animation

Speaker: Justin Ottley

Software Engineering - what kinds of software and programming languages are used in the industry, tools for developers that you should be familiar with, typical tasks and scope of projects for in-house software developers, and the rise of commercial software companies in the industry

Personal - what the daily experience of doing software in VFX or animation is like, personal experiences running a small media company, personal experiences as a student that helped gain entry into the industry, personal experiences as a professional in the industry (personality traits and non-technical soft skills), the importance of personal software projects and discovering what you love most about software

Interviewing - how to approach an interview for a software position in the industry, the kinds of things candidates get asked, important advice for interview candidates
Justin Ottley is a Software Engineer originally from the tiny Caribbean island of Trinidad, but now calls Canada home. After attending the University of Toronto, Justin worked in the visual effects and animation industry in Toronto doing software for a number of years before moving to Vancouver. In Toronto, Justin worked on animation tools, renderfarm systems and pipeline tools for both animated and live action TV shows, as well as feature films. Justin now enjoys working in Vancouver doing software for animated short films at Pixar Canada, as well as going to beaches and festivals, playing guitar and snowboarding.
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