"No B.S. Career Success" Talk by The Merchant Lab


DMP 110

Speaker Chad Nantais, a successful e-commerce strategist and start-up owner, will provide frank, helpful and thought-provoking information on how to achieve career success in a changing work world.
Tired of the same old career advice? So are we. Truth is, telling students to just "follow their passions" and "hope for the best" is horrible advice, and rarely works out in reality. If you've always suspected that there's a lot more to career strategy than what you've been told, this talk is for you. We'll cover:
- How an elite club in 1970s London started a revolution that destroyed the promise of traditional job security.
- Why employers really don't care as much about resumes and interviews as you think - and what will actually get you that dream job.
- How specialization can be a handicap rather than an advantage in the modern workplace (hint: it's probably not what you think!)
- The reason your parents' career advice is likely to be completely wrong (through no fault of their own)
As a company that is based on campus, and that is always on the lookout for capable, talented UBC students to add to our team, we say enough with the B.S. Here, finally, are the hard facts you need to succeed in business without the sugar-coating.
Chad Nantais of The Merchant Lab (formerly Zkron Technologies). Chad has been a previous popular speaker at UBC Computer Science industry panels and ePortfolio events.He is an e-commerce strategist, focusing on the apparel industry.
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