CS Tri-mentoring Program Seeking Industry Mentors

Volunteer as a mentor and share your passion and experiences with current students in the UBC Computer Science tri-mentoring program!  We’re currently recruiting mentors for fall 2021. 

Now in its 20th year, this program connects Computer Science students with CS alumni, each-other, industry professionals and UBC faculty members. With your help, students work towards career-related or side project goals and gain a variety of career perspectives. The tri-mentoring program’s structure is such that one mentor is matched with two students creating a trio – with one senior level student and one junior level student. 

Our tri-mentoring activities are now being offered in a hybrid-style of virtual and in-person activities. These include meetings, kickoff festivities and end-of-year celebrations. Additionally, we offer optional opportunities including professional development events and sessions with interview practice sessions and/or personal projects that require feedback and recommendations for improvement. The total time commitment required for a mentor is ~30-40 hours between fall 2021 to late March 2022. This includes meeting as a trio with your student mentees every 4-6 weeks, and attending the kickoff and end of year events.

Benefits to this type of volunteer role include participation in a recognized UBC mentoring program; gaining the opportunity for self-reflection and personal satisfaction; interacting with bright and motivated students; networking with fellow mentors; developing new mentoring/coaching skills; and, having the chance to promote your specific industry.

We ask that mentor applicants have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. Mentors will be e-introduced to their student mentees at the end of August.

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Questions or concerns? Please contact us at dianejoh@cs.ubc.ca or mng@cs.ubc.ca

Diane Johnson and Michele Ng

UBC Computer Science Tri-Mentoring Program Coordinators