Sensorimotor Systems Lab

Sensorimotor Systems Lab

The mission of the Sensorimotor Systems Lab (X432) is to understand the fundamental principles used by the brain and the musculoskeletal system to control and sense movement, and to explore applications of these principles to biomedical research, realistic computer animations, and robots with human-like capabilities. The lab was established in 2006 along with a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Sensorimotor Computation. Our interdisciplinary research is supported by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies through a major thematic grant on Sensorimotor Computation and many international collaborations.Our research in computer graphics is associated with the Imager Lab and our research in robotics is associated with the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence

The lab has extensive instrumentation for sensorimotor research, including 6-axis force sensors, a 16-channel EMG system, microphones, video cameras, an eye tracker, several haptic devices including a Butterfly maglev device, a laser scanner, and robotic eyes. Also, as part of a recently funded CFI infrastructure grant, a related laboratory on Human Sensorimotor Systems is to be established within ICICS with $1.6M of additional equipment for sensorimotor research, including a new 8-camera Vicon motion capture system, eye and head trackers, a 256 channel EEG/EMG system, a multifingered robot hand, and variety of different sensors and computer hardware.

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