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LCI Forum

What and Why? The LCI Forum is our monthly meeting, at which we discuss LCI matters and group related issues, share AI and other news, and give brief reports from trips and conferences. An integral part of each LCI Forum is a research talk, given by LCI members, associate members, or visitors. Rumor has it, though, that the real reason behind their popularity is the food. The LCI Fora provide a great opportunity for meeting other members of the lab, hearing about interesting developments, and finally finding out what the person working at the next desk is really working on ;-) The talks are also great opportunities to practice for conference presentations. Standard LCI Forum talks are 30 minutes long, including questions and discussion; we usually give out-of-lab visitors about 45 minutes.

When and Where? LCI Fora run monthly throughout the academic year and during most of the summer. We hold the forum in the Dempster Pavillion 201, at 12:30 pm.

2015/2016 Season:

Sept 12 Beginning of year forum
Invited speaker: Jesse Hoey from the University of Waterloo. Talk: "Affective Computing, Social Intelligence, and the Dawn of the new AI"
Oct 10 - Muhammad Abdul-Mageed: "Emotion Detection with Neural Networks"
Nov 14 - Mehran Kazemi: "A New Liftable Class for First-Order Probabilistic Inference"
- Alireza Shafaei: "Play and Learn: Using Video Games to Train Computer Vision Models "
Dec 12 - Jianhui Chen: "Where should cameras look at soccer games: Improving smoothness using the overlapped hidden Markov model"
Jan 23

Dereck Toker: Exploring user-adaptive visualization techniques with Multi-Modal Documents

Enamul Hoque: MultiConVis: A Visual Text Analytics System for Exploring a Collection of Online Conversations

Feb 28 Julie Nutini: Linear Convergence Under the Polyak-Lojasiewicz Inequality
Mar 28 Julieta Martinez: Embedding domain knowledge in neural networks: lessons from looking at people
Apr 24
May 29
Jun 26

Signing up for a slot. If you're interested in giving a forum talk, feel free to pick any day with no scheduled talks from the list above and contact Lars ( LCI student research mini-talks can also usually be rescheduled if one of those times works best for you.

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