CPSC 103 101 2020W

Online Adaptations

Lectures and tutorials will take place at their scheduled times via Zoom, which you will be able to access through our course page on canvas.ubc.ca. I know that many of you are not in Vancouver and CPSC 103 is designed so that everyone can participate regardless of your current location. I expect that you will attend the lecture section that you are registered for if that is possible for you (9:30am or 2pm Tuesday/Thursday Vancouver time). I will record the lectures and a small group of TAs will redo the lecture at 5pm Tues/Thursday Vancouver time so that you have another opportunity to participate. There is a participation mark which will be calculated using your participation in lectures and tutorials over the term, or as an average of your other grades, whichever is higher.

Office hours are a time when you can come and talk to me or the TAs and we'll vary the times so that, hopefully, there is a time that you can all attend if you wish.

Extended Description

When you have completed this course, you will be able to systematically design small programs using the Python programming language. You will be able to take a problem from an academic discipline of your choice, appropriately represent the domain information as data in your program, and design functions that successfully solve your problem. You will learn how to break down a large problem into well-structured sub-problems, each of which will be solved systematically. You will understand how programs work which will help you better understand the computer-based world that you interact with every day. You will be better able to communicate with computer scientists in your future workplace. This course is designed for students who are not computer science majors. There are no prerequisites.

Course Info
Term 1
Tue Thu
Time (start)
9:30 AM
Time (end)
11:00 AM
Date (start)
Date (end)