Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award

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Congratulations to UBC Computer Science Professor Kellogg Booth, who last week was awarded the 2016 Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award.

As the award citation notes, "It is hard to imagine a single individual working in the field over the past 40 years who has done as much to foster Canadian excellence in new media research than Kellogg Booth. He has consistently been a selfless advocate, leader, mentor, and practitioner in the field. As such, he is a true Canadian Digital Media Pioneer."

His vision in launching and leading the GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence have had impact far beyond UBC, across all of Canada.  Previous winners of the award include a prestigious pantheon of Canadian innovators in digital media, including the inventors of computer-based keyframing, the pioneer of multi-touch systems, the President of EA Worldwide Studios who further led the development of the Xbox Kinect, and the founders of SMART Technologies.

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