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UBC CS TR-86-07 Summary

Implementation of Microcomputers in Elementary Schools: A Survey and Evaluation --- don't reprint, May 1986 Christine Chan

The objective of this thesis is to investigate the uses of computer aided learning (CAL) at the elementary level. Some recent publications on CAL are summarized and discussed. A questionnaire was used and interviews uere conducted with elementary teachers in four chosen school districts in Vancouver and Toronto. From this field research, information was collected on teachers' perceptions on the use or CAL in the elementary classroom. This data is compared with observations presented in the relevant literature, and the comparison discussed within Robert Taylor's framework or using the computer as tutor, tool, and tutee. Included are the results from the questionnaire. The thesis concludes with a discussion on the role of the teacher in the use or computers in the classroom, a flexible approach to adopting CAL, and possible areas for future research.

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