The Partnership@CS program is an unique opportunity for the UBC Computer Science Department to foster meaningful collaboration with industry partners, alumni, and community members. The program provides opportunities for interacting with our 2,200+ students, 20,000+ alumni, and 60+ faculty members through a variety of research, student enrichment, and diversity programs.

President's Service Award for Excellence

Michele Ng at an outreach event

Michele Ng, UBC CS's Special Projects Coordinator, has won the UBC President's Service Award for Excellence, for her incredible and tireless work with industry, alumni relations and student outreach. Congratulations, Michele!

More information on the award is available on the UBC News website.

Girlsmarts Workshops a Phenomenal Success

Girlsmart Workshop, 2011

Held on January 29 and February 5, the 2011 Girlsmarts workshops for Grade 6 girls were a phenomenal success. Coordinators Sarah Rastkar and James Lo led a team of about 50 student volunteers who provided two full days of educational and fun programming activities for more than 140 Grade 6 girls.

Industry Outreach

Why Collaborate with UBC Computer Science?

Preparing our students to become productive members of the workforce occurs primarily in the classroom, but we also provide students with the opportunity to engage with the local, national, and international firms in which they will ultimately be employed. Our students are highly motivated to find jobs where they can use their skills in stimulating and rewarding work environments, and we are highly motivated in helping them find those environments. To that end, we have a number of creative venues for connecting you with them.

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