Technical Reports


A Light-Weight Framework for Hardware Verification
Christoph Kern, Tarik Ono-Tesfaye and Mark R. Greenstreet
Analyzing Exception Flow in Java Programs
Martin R. Robillard and Gail C. Murphy
Characterizations of 1-Way Quantum Finite Automata
Alex Brodsky and Nicholas Pippenger
Atlas: A Case Study in Building a Web-Based Learning Environment Using Aspect-oriented Programming
Mik A. Kersten and Gail C. Murphy
Systematic vs. Local Search for SAT
Holger H. Hoos, Thomas St├╝tzle
Using Embedded Network Processors to Implement Global Memory Management in a Workstation Cluster
Yvonne Coady, Joon Suan Ong and Michael J. Feeley
Spirale Reversi: Reverse decoding of the Edgebreaker encoding
Martin Isenburg and Jack Snoeyink
Computing Contour Trees in All Dimensions
Hamish Carr, Jack Snoeyink and Ulrike Axen
Mesh Collapse Compression
Martin Isenburg and Jack Snoeyink
Deciding When to Forget in the Elephant File System
Douglas S. Santry, Michael J. Feeley, Norman Hutchinson, Alistair C. Veitch, Ross W. Carton and Jacob Ofir
Practical Point-in-Polygon Tests Using CSG Representations of Polygons
Robert J. Walker and Jack Snoeyink
Using Implicit Context to Ease Software Evolution and Reuse
Robert J. Walker and Gail C. Murphy
Regaining Control of Exception Handling
Martin P. Robillard and Gail C. Murphy
The Virtual Hand Laboratory Architecture
Valerie A. Summers
Heavy-Tailed Behaviour in Randomised Systematic Search Algorithms for SAT?
Holger H. Hoos