Technical Reports


Formalizing Non-Monotonic Reasoning Systems
David W. Etherington
Data Types as Term Algebras
Akira Kanda and Karl Abrahamson
Numeration Models of λ-Calculus
Akira Kanda
On the Complexity of Achieving K-Consistency
Raimund Seidel
A Linear Algorithm for Determining the Separation of Convex Polyhedra
David P. Dobkin and David G. Kirkpatrick
(g,f) - Factors & Packings, When g<f: characterizations algorithms>
P. Hell and David G. Kirkpatrick
Marriage Before Conquest: A Variation on the Divide & Conquer Paradigm
David G. Kirkpatrick and Raimund Seidel
A Prological Definition or HASL a Purely Functional Language with Unification Based Conditional Binding Expressions
Harvey Abramson
R-Maple: A Concurrent Programming Language Based on Predicate Logic, Part I: Syntax & Computation
Paul J. Voda
A Fast Data Compression Method
Samuel T. Chanson and Jee Fung Pang
A Sound and Sometimes Complete Query Evaluation Algorithm for Relational Databases with Null Values
Raymond Reiter
Acceptable Numerations of Function Spaces
Akira Kanda