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BCS Program (Second Degree)

Earn a second degree in only two years

The UBC Bachelor of Computer Science degree (Integrated Computer Science program), or simply 'BCS', is a unique, 20-month, second degree program. It is designed for university graduates possessing a bachelor's degree in another field, and who are interested in either:
(a) making a career transition into information technology, or
(b) combining their own field with computer science.

This program is the only Bachelor of Computer Science program of its kind offered in Western Canada.

Approved by the Ministry of Education in September 2004, the program evolved from an existing Diploma Program known as Alternate Routes to Computing.

For information about potential careers in Computer Science, please see the CareersOnline website.


  • Allows students to combine computer science with other fields of interest (e.g. biology, psychology, commerce, education, music, etc.)
  • Optional co-op work terms
  • Regular Faculty of Science tuition fees

Appealing to:

  • Mature learners
  • Graduating university students

Application and program details:

Visit our page on How to Apply and check out additional links on the right.

For more information about our admission and application process, please contact bcs-info@cs.ubc.ca

BUCS/BTM Combined Business/CS Degrees


Dr. Sohrab Shah
A focus on finding a direct route to a meaningful outcome seems a distinctive characteristic of Sohrab Shah’s life and work to date. As an undergrad in biology at Queen’s University, he had little knowledge of computers, but he figured out how to use them anyway to develop multi-media tutorials “functioning as souped-up lab manuals,” he notes, to help other students have a better understanding of biological diversity. After graduating from Queens in 1996 he became interested in web design.
Homa Javahery
“When I was in secondary school, I would have never thought of going into computer science,” says Homa Javahery. “I messed around on computers, but I was always interested in health sciences and there are a couple of doctors in my family, so I thought I’d go into medicine.”
Juanita Lohmeyer
Saying that Juanita Lohmeyer has a passion for learning is like saying the sun has a passion for shining; it just seems to happen, without effort, and because it can. And because Juanita, a Program Director in Business Transformation & Technology Operations at TELUS, appears to move from one learning experience to another so naturally and easily, it's tempting to say she's known from the start exactly what her goals would be and where they would lead her. Of course, the reality of her life is more complex and interesting than that.
David Greer
“Why do things in life if you’re not going to engage?” asks David Greer rhetorically, and if you talk for more than five minutes with him you’ll realize there are definitions to the verb to engage that are as yet unexplored by Merriam-Webster. For David, a 1980 UBC grad, computer scientist, entrepreneur and married father of three teenagers, engagement seems synonymous with hyper-intelligent professional focus, ferocious hard work, and an exuberant delight in life.