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BCS Program (Second Degree)

Earn a second degree in only two years

The UBC Bachelor of Computer Science degree (Integrated Computer Science program), or simply 'BCS', is a unique, 20-month, full-time second degree program. It's the only program of its kind offered in Western Canada. It is designed for university graduates possessing a bachelor's degree outside of computer science , and who are interested in either:

(a) making a career transition into information technology, or
(b) combining their own field with computer science.

In this program, Computer Science courses can be combined with relevant work experience through a co-op component. The program is directed at academically strong students with little or no programming experience.


  • Allows students to combine computer science with other fields of interest (e.g. biology, psychology, commerce, education, music, etc.)
  • Optional co-op work terms
  • Regular Faculty of Science tuition fees

Appeals to:

  • Mature learners
  • Graduating university students

Application and program details:

Visit our page on How to Apply and check out additional links on the right.

For more information about our admission and application process, please contact bcs-info@cs.ubc.ca

Looking back on his time as both a Master’s and Ph.D. student at UBC, Paul Kry is struck by the wealth of learning opportunities the department afforded him. Remembering tough courses in computational geometry, computational robotics, and advanced graphics, Paul notes that the UBC grad classes “were very well organized and easy to follow.”
Felicity Foxx Herst, a dynamic young game designer with Silicon Sisters Interactive in Vancouver, is the daughter of a genomics researcher and a professional opera singer, Felicity grew up in a household devoted both to arts and sciences, so it’s perhaps no wonder that she gravitated toward a field that allows her to engage with her interests in both.
Dorothy Cheung’s resume shows an impressive list of educational and professional accomplishments. She’s worked in a diversity of UBC-based and private sector labs in Vancouver, including labs in UBC’s departments of botany, biotechnology, and pediatrics, the Centre for Plant Research at the UBC
Heidi Lam
Heidi Lam has an impressive string of academic credentials, but she laughs off any suggestion that she’s a super-achiever. Instead, she suggests with quiet, yet focused, determination that she’s been seeking the best way to develop her intellectual interests while being true to her personality. For Heidi, a software engineer at Google, this search to date has yielded impressive results.
For CS alum Hendrik Kueck, founder of Pocket Pixels of Vancouver, BC, the iPhone display represents the intersection of his passion for aesthetics and his intellectual interest in problem-solving, mapped to his desire to merge the two in fun and functional apps for consumers.