Uri Ascher

Professor Emeritus

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Academic Information

B.Sc., Tel Aviv (1969); M.Sc., Tel Aviv (1971); Ph.D., Minnesota (1975); Assistant Scientist, MRC, Madison, Wis. (1975-6); Assistant Professor, UBC (1975-1981); Associate Professor, UBC (1981-1986); Professor, UBC (1986-); Director, Institute of Applied Mathematics, UBC (1993-1998)


The focus of my work is on the investigation and promotion of novel, efficient and reliable methods in scientific computation, particularly for approximation and optimization problems involving differential equations with constraints.

Thus, in addition to generally investigating properties of numerical methods I have been involved also in writing general-purpose mathematical software; investigating parallel algorithms and optimization techniques; solving inverse problems involving differential equations; and getting more specifically involved in particular application areas such as multibody systems simulation, robotics, data inversion in geophysics, 3D electromagnetic modeling, image reconstruction, cloth simulation and computational fluid dynamics.

Selected Publications

Ascher, U., and McLachlan, R., "On symplectic and multisymplectic schemes for the KdV equation'', J. Scientific Computing, (2005), 83-104.

Ascher, U., Haber, E., and Huang, H., "On effective methods for implicit piecewise smooth surface recovery", SIAM J. Scient. Comput., 28 (2006), 339-358.

van den Doel, K., and Ascher, U., "Dynamic level set regularization for large distributed parameter estimation problems", Inverse Problems, 23 (2007), 1271-1288.

Huang, H., and Ascher, U., "Fast denoising of surface meshes with intrinsic texture", Inverse Problems (2008).

Haber, E., Ascher, U., and Oldenburg, D., ``Inversion of 3D Electromagnetic Data in frequency and time domain using an inexact all-at-once approach'', J. Geophysics, 69 (2004), 1216--1228.

Research Groups

SCL: Scientific Computing Laboratory
CAIDA: Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making & Action