George Tsiknis

Professor Emeritus

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B.Sc., University of Patras (1975); M.Sc., University of British Columbia (1985); Ph.D., University of British Columbia (1991); Instructor, University of British Columbia (1992-1997); Senior Instructor, University of British Columbia (1997 - ).


I am interested in investigating ways in which Mathematical Logic and formal proof theory can be applied to various areas of Computing Science. I have been working on applications of set theory to programming language semantics, and developing a language, called SetLog, which extends the traditional logic programming by providing (real) set abstractions. My goals are to study the applications of SetLog to databases.

I am very interested in the techniques of Data Mining and more specifically in the discovery of temporal patterns. I am currently participating in a small group that is working on an efficient method for discovering sequential patterns that involve time constraints.

I am also interested in software specification/verification. I am currently working on developing a logical language based also on set theory that will be useful for software requirements specification and analysis. The syntax of this formal language is very similar to Z, a notation that is successfully used for this purpose. The new theory would provide formal semantics for Z and the basis for formal analysis of Z specifications.

Finally, I am interested in the use of multimedia technology in the design of courses or supplemental course material for university students. Ian Cavers and I are leading a project that investigates the use of Web-based technology for effective design and delivery of courses. Our lab is currently offering a series of interactive, self-paced, hyper-media courses that provide a comprehensive introduction to the computing resources available on campus.

Research Interests

computer science education

Latest Courses

2017 Winter

CPSC 404 - Advanced Relational Databases
CPSC 121 - Models of Computation
CPSC 121 - Models of Computation

2015 Winter

CPSC 301 - Computing in the Life Sciences
CPSC 404 - Advanced Relational Databases
CPSC 404 - Advanced Relational Databases
CPSC 121 - Models of Computation

2014 Summer

CPSC 213 - Introduction to Computer Systems