Raymond Ng

Dr. Raymond Ng named in 2022 Academic Data Leader list

Dr. Raymond Ng, professor in the UBC Computer Science Department and director of the UBC Data Science Institute, has been named a top Academic Data Leader by Chief Data Officer (CDO) Magazine.

The CDO list names the world's leading 75 data experts in academia.

His research has been primarily in the areas of data mining, text mining, health informatics, sensor analytics and databases. Dr. Ng is also a Canada Research Chair in Data Science and Analytics.

He is involved in genomics research with the PROOF Centre team, focused on the development of biomarker panels for various conditions related to organ failures in hearts, lungs or kidneys. Yet another portion of his research is conducted through the department's Natural Language Processing Lab, focusing on conversations through emails, blogs and meetingsĀ to facilitate access to otherwise unstructured raw data.

Raymond is one of the two leaders listed from Canada; the other one being Yoshua Bengio from the University of Montreal, who is a renowned expert in AI.

The computer science department is honoured to have Dr. Ng among us!

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