Winners of programming competition

UBC Programming Teams Win by Record Margin

The UBC programming teams won first and second place at the 2019 International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Pacific Northwest (PacNW) Regional Programming Contest, held Saturday, November 9th. UBC, along with runners-up UC Berkeley, U Washington, Stanford, and UBCO, will advance to the 2020 ICPC North America Championship (NAC) in Atlanta, USA. The winning teams at NAC will advance to the 2020 ICPC World Finals in Moscow, Russia. However, as the 1st place team, UBC already has guaranteed advancement to the World Finals!

The first place UBC team solved all 13 problems. Throughout the contest, they repeatedly traded places with another UBC team, which ultimately took second place with 11 problems.

Completing UBC’s record sweep, its other Division 1 teams placed 3rd, 4th and 6th at the Canada site, and 7th, 10th and 14th overall out of 61 teams. In Division 2, which is for newcomers, UBC teams placed 1st and 2nd at the Canada site, and 5th and 10th overall out of 86 teams.

Altogether, three UBC teams were declared site champions, winning both divisions at the Canada site as well as Division 1 at the North California site. Team University of British California, the overall winners, are co-op students currently in the San Francisco Bay area.

You can check out the final scoreboard here: ICPC Pacific Northwest scoreboard 

UBC has an impressive track record in this prestigious competition, advancing to the World Finals in 14 of the last 17 years. More details here: UBC Programming Team History 

Here are all five Division 1 teams:

1st place and North California site champions: UBC University of British California - David Berard, Henry Xia, Victor Chen.

2nd place and Canada site champions: UBC x∈ℝ ⇒ x≤43252003274489856000 - Rehim Memmedli, Brandon Zhang, Xingyu Zhou.

7th place: UBC ._.z - Daniel To, Vincent Ling, Zara Lim.

10th place: UBC 11:11 - Emily Gong, Ben Zheng, Jack Spalding-Jamieson.

14th place: UBC Red Whistles - Kim Đinh, Andrew Ting, Eishan Lawrence.

And both Division 2 teams:

5th place and Canada Site champions: UBC O(:^)) - Justin Derwee-Church, Sean Rong, Brooke Dai.

10th place: UBC while(*pass_the++ = *baton++); - Colin Chen, Lirukshman Sundaralingam, Christopher Hui.

A big congratulations to the teams and to the coaches David Zheng and Aram Ebtekar!