Julie Nutini

CS PhD student Julie Nutini receives 2018 Canadian Computer Science Distinguished Dissertation Award

Congratulations to Ph.D student Julie Nutini for receiving the 2018 Canadian Computer Science Distinguished Dissertation Award, awarded by CS-Can/Info-Can. The award recognizes excellence in research and writing by a computer science doctoral student completing their degree at a Canadian institution. As stated on the webpage, nominations are assessed by a panel of computer scientists chosen from a variety of sub-disciplines in the field for originality, potential impact, technical depth and significance, and quality of presentation.

Julie has recently completed her PhD with Professor Mark Schmidt as her research supervisor. Her work is at the intersection of machine learning and numerical optimization. Her thesis describes a variety of different advances, both to the theory and to the practice of optimization algorithms in the context of machine learning problems. Her work on the Polyak-Lojasiewicz inequality and Gauss-Southwell rule have been very well received. See here for more information.

Congratuations, Julie!