UBC Team Ranked 41st in the World in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

The UBC ACM Programming Team competed in the World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in Porto, Portugal on April 4, 2019. 

The team did really well solving 5 problems and getting 41st place (45th place when factoring in the solution times and failed attempts). UBC came in 6th among North American schools and second among the Canadian schools, solving the same number of problems as Waterloo but taking more time.

Congratulations to the coaches and team members!

     (Coach) Lucca Siaudzionis, (Business/CS3)
     (Co-coach) Daniel Du (CS/Stats4)
     Henry Xia (CS/Math3)
     Brandon Zhang (CS/Math3)
     David Zheng (CS MS1)

Official results: https://icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/results,
scoreboard: https://icpc.baylor.edu/scoreboard/,
problems: https://icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/problems/icpc2019.pdf

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